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The good news - 2013 should be up. The bad news - you're going to have to compete for diners.

December 11th, 2012 • Posted by Stephany Toman • Permalink

"Restaurant sales may increase for a fourth straight year, reaching $660 billion in 2013, 3.8 percent higher than in 2012, the Washington-based trade group said today in an e-mailed report. Employment in the industry may rise at a 2.4 percent rate next year, outpacing the associationís projected 1.5 percent gain in national employment, according to the report. Restaurants may employ 13.1 million people in the U.S. next year, representing 10 percent of the countryís workforce."   [Bloomberg writer Whitney McFerron

These projections make us anticipate 2013 with a positive attitude, don't they?

Like most predictions, there is a little more to consider, as well. had more to say.  It turns out a lot of the gift sales that happen in the restaurant market happen in quick serve, and as this article points out, not just quick serve, but McDonald's.

So how do you compete?

Be unique. Be your bad self in all ways. Sell beautiful, branded Instant Gift Certificates on your website, which you keep fresh and current, 24/7. Send creative, effective email campaigns. Write engaging blog content, and nurture your social media presence.

Consistent, thoughtful marketing will go a long way to engaging your diners well before, and long after, they've enjoyed your offerings in house.

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