Social Media Marketing

Why do I need social media marketing?

Because your existing and prospective diners are online!

  • People now use social media as an automated search
  • 47% of small business maintain a FaceBook page - which means you should too!
  • 97% of consumers now use online media when researching local products
  • 58% report using an online promotion when shopping for local products and services

What is it?

Social Media (FaceBook and Twitter) lets you stay close to your diners and bring new covers in the door. In addition to staying in touch, you can easily create promotions just for your followers, another great way to grow your following!

How do I use viral marketing?

By creating specials and promotions that your customers and followers find interesting. With CoverBoom your specials, announcements and blog posts all have Facebook Share buttons, making it easy for your audience to share with their friends.

Also, gift certificate recipients can share with all their friends how happy they are that they get to eat in your restaurant!

The average FaceBook user has 150 friends, so this type of exposure is excellent for your restaurant.

Can I schedule my postings?

You bet. In addition to your automatically-generated posts, you can create more, whenever you like.

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