Dynamic Websites for Restaurants

What will a great website do for my restaurant?

Websites should be where form and function meet. Yours should be beautiful, elegant, and effective. Beauty and elegance ensure you captivate your visitors with colors and carefully chosen graphics and nicely composed content. Effectiveness is when you turn those aesthetically pleased visitors into customers who buy what you're offering Instant Gift Certificates for your sumptuous cuisine!

What is 'Dynamic' all about?

Dynamic is change. Your ability to quickly, easily, and without a techie, edit your own website's content and graphics whenever you feel like it the more often the better! CoverBoom automatically updates your website with Events and other special occasions, so you're already ahead of the game when you choose to use us!

How hard is it to get started?

We'll need you to provide us an electronic version of your logo, any images you wish to use on your website and any content describing what you do, why you do it and general information that your visitors will need to make the decision to visit your restaurant. And once your new website is set up, you will have the power to keep it all current and fresh. CoverBoom's marketing features make it super easy to automatically refresh your content with specials and events, and to change out images and update your menu at will.

No more cranky web masters controlling your precious website. The power is now in your hands!

What will it cost me?

Our pricing represents minimal risk, maximum online potential and the opportunity to generate significant online revenues while you increase client retention, energize your marketing and reach your diners where they search for information online!

We offer two options for websites, the choice is entirely up to you. Keep in mind, regardless of your choice, our real-live Client Services team is here to answer your calls five days a week, ten hours a day, so you're always close to an answer if you need one!

  • Fully Custom Website: this one is as it sounds, the premium option, and means you are free to create and share your vision for your new website, and we'll build it. If you choose the Custom Website option, you'll be part of a deep, intense creation partnership that will begin with the first phone call with our Client Services professionals and end only when you're happy as a clam and can't wait to show everyone you know your new website.
  • Theme-based Website: this option allows you to choose one of a wide variety of themed designs, then we make it yours. This route works great for many, and allows our team to create a website that reflects your vision for your restaurant's online presence while encouraging more hands-on participation by you during the build out.

Example Custom Websites

Example Theme-Based Websites