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Group Deals That You Control

What are BoomTime Deals?

BoomTime Deals are group deals that you run yourself. They are an alternative to sites like Groupon, which charge a 50% commission rate to bring heavily-discounted clientele to your restaurant.

How do group deals work?

Group deals create a sense of urgency with a limited time offer. The deal only 'tips' if a certain number of people purchase it, which encourages sharing of the deal for it to go viral.

How are BoomTime Deals better?

BoomTime Deals give you the control to sell intelligently discounted deals to a targeted demographic. Group deal websites, on the other hand, attract discount seekers that result in a low return rate. Their shotgun method means they draw an audience that would often not fit your ideal restaurant profile. And, of course, group deal sites promote endlessly, often featuring a nearby restaurant the same week your deal runs. Use the Group Deal Calculator to evaluate how a group deal would work for you.

BoomTime Deals cost our restaurants on average 94% less than a Groupon deal. 

Who determines the deal?

You do! With BoomTime Deals, you set the minimum sell for the deal to 'tip', the maximum you wish to sell, the discount percentage, terms and conditions, and the timing.

How do I get new diners?

BoomTime Deals leverage your existing clients to get new clients, using email and social media for viral marketing that reaches your clients' friends and followers.

What if I want more exposure?

BoomTime Deals' cross-promotion capability enables you to team with another local business to expand your deal's reach. For example, a restaurant and a spa can cross-market their deals to compatible demographics.

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