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6 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Be on Facebook

November 16th, 2012 • Posted by Rachel Prewitt • Permalink

Is your restaurant on Facebook? If not, it really should be, and here are six reasons why:
  1. Creating a Facebook account will strengthen your restaurant's online presence. Search engines, like Google, will find your website and any other links on your Facebook page and then they will index your website into their databases, driving more traffic to your business, website and blog.

  2. Your customers and their friends are on Facebook, and Facebook is your direct line to them. With more than 500 million mobile users and 901 million monthly active users, Facebook can also help you gain potential new customers and widen your audience.

  3. Instead of talking at your customers through television commercials, radio advertisements, and other traditional media, Facebook gives your business the opportunity to talk with your customers. You can have a conversation with them, ask and answer questions, and find out what they like and donít like. They can leave a message on your wall, send you a private message and share your content with their friendsóa.k.a. free publicity!

  4. Facebook can help drive brand loyalty. Since the average Facebook user spends 7 hours, 45 minutes and 49 seconds logged on per month, restaurants have the chance to integrate their brand into their followersí daily lives by posting meaningful content, answering question and engaging in conversations online to gain their trust. In fact, 53% of Americans who follow their favorite brands in social media are more loyal to those brands.

  5. If youíve thought about setting your restaurant up on Facebook, chances are your competitors are already there. As a society, we have entered the social era. Donít miss your chance to engage in the conversation and develop those relationships. 

  6. Itís free and easy. It doesnít cost a dime to join Facebook and you donít need any special knowledge of HTML, Photoshop or any other software to effectively engage your audience. Plus, CoverBoom makes it even easier for restaurants to use Facebook by automatically generating social media posts with your Email Marketing, Special Events, blog posts and special offers, so you can effortlessly engage your followers with a steady flow of social media posts all year long.

Creating a Facebook account for your restaurant will not only demonstrate that you're cutting edge, itíll show that you care for your customers and that you want to engage with them. If youíre unsure about how to get the Facebook ball rolling, give us a call at (888) 940-0451 and weíll be more than happy to help.

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