Anniversary and Birthday Marketing for Restaurants

Why do I need Anniversary and Birthday marketing?

Attracting new diners is only half of the game. You want them to return over and over again, and one way to encourage that is with client loyalty campaigns. Keep them coming back for more when you give them a "little something" to recognize their personal occasion!

How hard is it for my restaurant to get started?

CoverBoom makes it super easy to set up and manage Anniversary and Birthday campaigns. We'll set you up while we're building your website, and include a variety of offers that automatically go out based on the dates your customers have provided.

Creating offers that fit your restaurant best is easy, and can include free appetizers or dessert, a percentage discount off a dinner entree, a glass of wine, or anything else you wish. You can generate a report at any time from your CoverBoom account to see who will be receiving your Birthday and Anniversary offers in a given month, and you can switch up the offers you have set at any time.

How do customers sign up?

Customers simply choose to join your email newsletter (from your website), and can opt to participate in Anniversary and Birthday offers when they do that. They don't need to use the whole date, just the day and month of the event is all that's required.

You can CoverBoom Collateral to print beautifully designed email signup forms to include in your bill folders.

Then, customers receive an email with the offer reflected on a gift certificate design you've chosen for the offer. The CoverBoom library of designs is rich, though you are welcome to create your own custom designs as well.

We'll give you tips and tricks for encouraging diners to sign up for your email newsletters, during which they have the option of participating in your loyalty programs. It's that easy!

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