Redemption Made Easy

Every restaurant is different. The last thing you want to do is complicate matters for your wait staff. This is why CoverBoom provides a number of options for redeeming Instant Gift Certificates.

Each Instant Gift Certificate is individually numbered, labeled and bar-coded according to your specifications. Therefore, the Instant Gift Certificates sold can fit within any range needed to be compatible with existing gift card programs.

  • POS Integration. Whether you use Aloha, MICROS, POSitouch or another Point of Sale system, you can quickly and easily enter your Instant Gift Certificate sales into your system, and let your POS handle redemptions when your wait staff is presented with an Instant Gift Certificate.
  • Nightly Report. Print out a report of your outstanding Instant Gift Certificates, which can be quickly cross-checked by your wait staff, when presented with an Instant Gift Certificate. This is possible, through CoverBoom's robust Internet interface - provided at no cost - to look up, validate, redeem, generate reports and otherwise manage on your sold Instant Gift Certificates.
  • Online Lookup. For restaurants with their own Internet access, use CoverBoom to quickly and easily validate your Instant Gift Certificates within five clicks!
  • Three-Ring Binder Method. Excellent for smaller restaurants. You can print out a copy of all Instant Gift Certificates sold, insert them in numerical sequence in your three-ring binder, and then allow your wait staff to physically mark them as redeemed in your three-ring binder.

Whatever your unique needs, CoverBoom has an option to save you time!

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